Tappahannock Seal
Essex County Seal
Tappahannock RivahFest
Tappahannock-Essex RivahFest Security

For emergencies call 911.

Essex County is extremely well policed to provide RivahFest with the greatest amount of safety and protection available. The Town of Tappahannock employs five police officers, headed by the Chief of Police James H. Barrett, Jr. Essex County provides a Sheriff's Office, located within Tappahannock, which employs 11 officers and is headed by Sheriff Stanley S. Clarke. There are also five State police officers and three sergeants assigned to the area.

Tappahannock Police Department
315 Duke Street

Essex County Sheriff's Office
304 Prince Street

Tappahannock Rescue Squad is a volunteer force, totalling about 40 members. The squad handles 600 to 700 calls a year and can transport victims to Riverside Tappahannock Hospital or Richmond and Gloucester, if needed.

Tappahannock Rescue Squad, Inc.
Duke Street


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