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  Since RivahFest started in 2003, surpluses have been set aside to build a fund to reinvest in our community. This year, the RivahFest Grant Committee was formed to identify worthy areas and to plan a series of grant gifts throughout the year. The first organization selected as recipient of the $500 grant is the WRAR Christmas Wishes. Further recipients of RivahFest Grants will be announced this Winter and in Spring 2009. Read more

WRAR's Christmas Wishes Rich Morgan and Betty Osburn accept the first $500 RivahFest Grant presented by Ronnie Gill, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and Libbie Franklin and Katherine Newman, Festival Co-Chairs representing the RivahFest Steering Committee.
The second organization selected as recipient of the $500 grant is the Tappahannock SDA Community Service better known as the Community Food Bank. Community Services provides vital food bank service to over 400 families in need throughout the local counties.

Among the organizations that donate to the Food Bank are over 20 local churches, 20 or more civic groups, schools, local businesses and groups set up specifically to acquire food supplies. Tappahannock SDA Community Service is supported by three dozen or more volunteer members, handling pick up of supplies from Central Virginia Food Bank and local food collection groups, repackaging bulk food, and distributing food at their Essex Square location or delivering to the home bound. Read more

Tappahannock SDA Community Services accepts a $500 RivahFest Grant check. From left to right: John Clickener (RivahFest Treasurer), Kathy Grenier, Barbara Bundy, Ann Trevilian, Fran Haynie, Tove Oster (SDA Director), Doris Lentz, Sandy Baytops and Glenn Morse (RivahFest Sponsorship Chair). Not pictured: Betty Byrd, Ruth Vessels and Elene Kimberlin

RivahFest has selected Operation Inasmuch as the recipient for this third grant of $500. The Inasmuch project is organized by Essex Churches Together made up of representatives from Christian churches of all denominations and races in Essex County.

Operation Inasmuch, now in its second year, is a one day mission blitz - a whole day of high activity volunteers from participating churches. Last year Operation Inasmuch mobilized over 500 people doing tasks such as clearing gardens for the disabled, replacing light bulbs and smoke alarms for the elderly, repairing porches and painting houses for those unable to do so for themselves. The people being served are those most in need in our community: those with challenges, the elderly, and children from difficult home situations.

The grant received from RivahFest will be used to fund construction projects on the day of Operation Inasmuch - April 25th, 2009. “These funds will enable us to get a jump start on several projects that need supplies and materials” commented Ken Wilbur currently heading up the Inasmuch Planning Team, “Last year we were limited by expense for some of the projects on our wish list, this year we can move ahead with several thanks to the RivahFest grants”. Read more

Essex Churches Together INASMUCH planning team accepts a $500 RivahFest Grant check. From left to right front row: Jeff James (RivahFest Planning & Liaison), John Hardy, Sharon James (RivahFest Steering Committee), Hannah Healy, Kathy Hughes (ECT representative), Anita Latane, The Reverend Ken Wilbur (Chairman of the OIAM Planning Team); Back row: Dick Flaherty, Mike Hartenbach, Joe Hartenbach, Dawn Douglas, Sandy Baytops, Stanley Clarke (Sheriff of Essex County), Reverend Dr. Candine Johnson, Sylvia Allen. Not pictured: Alice Roye, Carmen Sandlin, Brooke Carillo, and Bruce McComb.

RivahFest Steering Committee is pleased to announce the fourth in a continuing series of grants in support of local community organizations. RivahFest has selected Free Clinic as the recipient for this fourth grant of $500. The Free Clinic is a mostly volunteer run organization that serves patients who are uninsured and fall at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. The Clinic is currently serving patients from Essex, King & Queen, King William, Middlesex, Gloucester, Lancaster, Northumberland, Westmoreland, Richmond, King George, and Caroline Counties.

The Tappahannock Free Clinic was opened in 2005 by Dr. James Ledwith and after leaving for a post in Massachusetts, volunteer doctors from throughout the community stepped in to take his place. Today the Clinic is open three days a week - on Mondays, from 3-5pm, the Clinic is open for financial screenings, on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings the Clinic holds doctor’s hours by appointments only.

From January to May 2009, the Clinic has served over 200 individual patients and held nearly 500 patient appointments. These number are up dramatically from this time last year and anticipated to continue rising. “With our current economic times more and more patients are coming to the Clinic for medical treatment,” explains Tappahannock Free Clinic’s Executive Director Blake Slusser. “We are seeing a lot of patients who have lost their jobs or had their work hours cut and are not longer able to provide for their own healthcare.” Read more

Tappahannock Free Clinic accepts a $500 RivahFest Grant check. From left to right front row: David Broad (RivahFest Grants and Web), Blake Hite Slusser (Executive Director), Colin Smith (Chairman of the Free Clinic Board), Dr. Richard Lewis, Joey Reinhardt (RivahFest Steering and Publications).

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