Tappahannock RivahFest
Bill Talley Ford Mechanicsville
RivahFest Idol Contest
Saturday, June 18 - 11 am to 12:00 Noon
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The RivahFest Idol Contest opens at 11:00 am and runs to 12:00 noon. RivahFest Idol Headquarters is located on Main Stage (in front of the WRAR Radio Station) on Prince Street. The first prize is $1,000 awarded by the lead sponsor Bill Talley Ford of Mechanicsville and a second prize of $500 to the runner-up performance. The winner will be invited to perform an encore on the main stage at 1:15 pm in the first break.


Finalist for Rivahfest Idol 2016
Announcing the 2016 RivahFest Idol Finalists...

Hannah Allison 15 Northumberland High School
Tink Bliss 14 Essex High School
Destini Dandridge 18 West Point High School
Alyssa Gleason 14 Ni River Middle School
Abby Gooch 13 Northumberland High School
Rynesha Goode 17 Washington & Lee High
Sydney Innanen 17 West Point High School
Jessica Sterling Medlin 13 Richmond County Middle
Sophie Miller 13 Homeschool
Olivia Naomi Rich 14 Lancaster Middle School

Please support these talented youth as they perform LIVE on June 18th at 11am on the Main Stage, Prince Street, Downtown Tappahannock!

Rules for Rivahfest Idol
All participants must be no younger than twelve (12) years of age and no older than eighteen (18) years of age at the time of the finals on June 18, 2016. Participants must register by 4:00 pm on April 27, 2016. The preliminaries will be held on Monday, May 2nd - 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm and again on Monday, May 9th - 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm at River Fitness, 1025 Hobbs Hole Drive, Tappahannock, VA. Each participant must have a parent or legal guardian sign a release form before competing. Proof of age must be provided to the organizers at your preliminary. Proof of age includes, but is not limited to, birth certificate, school records, passport, or state or military issued identification cards. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your audition time to hand in your release form and proof of age. Previous winners are ineligible to participate.

Winners of the 2015 Rivahfest Idol competition. Left 1st Place Winner Tiara Robinson won $1,000 and 2nd Place winner Mikey Plante takes home $500. Congratulations from WRAR who organized this exceptional talent driven competition and Bill Talley Ford Mechanicsville for sponsoring the main prize.

Preliminaries at River Fitness, Tappahannock:
Monday, May 2nd - 6:00pm to 8:45 pm
Monday, May 9th - 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm

At the preliminaries, the participant will be asked to perform one song for up to 2 minutes. The song will be performed with NO musical accompaniment. Three judges will rate each participant on a weighted scale on each of the following criteria: song selection, talent, and overall performance. ALL OF THE JUDGES’ DECISIONS WILL BE FINAL.

There are ten (10) slots available for the finals. Once all of the tabulations have been completed, and the finalists have been chosen, all finalists will be called to be informed of the decision. Final participants will also be announced on the RivahFest Website, on 105.5 WRAR and 107.5 WNNT.

The finalists will be asked to perform one (1) song with musical accompaniment not to exceed 4 minutes in length. The finalist will have to provide RivahFest Idol by June 1, 2016 with an instrumental copy of the song they wish to perform. The musical accompaniment can be sent via mp3 to terry@realradio804.com or mail in CD format to Real Media, Inc. Attn: Terry Brooks, PO Box 1023, Tappahannock VA 22560. The officials reserve the right to reject any song if they believe that the subject material is deemed offensive.

Finalists will perform at RivahFest in Tappahannock on Sat., June 18, 2016 on the Main Stage on Prince Street at 11am. Please arrive at the WRAR/WNNT tent site at 156 Prince Street, Tappahannock by 10:30am. The final decision of the winner of RivahFest Idol will be made by the judges as a group. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE JUDGES WILL BE FINAL. The winner will be announced during the first break of the first band performance which follows the RivahFest Idol competition. The winner and runner up will need to remain for an encore presentation between the first two bands performing.

Any situations that occur that are not covered by the “Rules of RivahFest Idol” will be made by the directors of RivahFest Idol within thirty (30) minutes of the situation being brought to their attention. The directors have the final decision on all matters concerning this contest. All questions about the rules should be directed to Terry Brooks terry@realradio804.com or at (804) 443-4321 at WRAR/WNNT.

Any contestant found in violation of the rules will be disqualified.

Rules for Rivahfest Idol    
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Application for Rivahfest Idol    
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Applications to enter using the above form should be sent to:
Attn: Terry Brooks / RivahFest Idol
P O Box 1023,
Tappahannock, VA 22560
Tel: 804-443-4321
Fax: 804-443-1055

For prior years winners go to the RivahFest Idol Winners page

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