Tappahannock RivahFest

Tappahannock Da Vinci Code Treasure Trail
Saturday, June 18 - 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Three prizes
total $500

First place $300
Second place $150
Third place $50

Tappahannock Da Vinci Code Treasure Trail Sponsored by:
EVB,   Essex County,   Essex Inn,   St. Margaret's School,  WRAR

Download the Code Sheet
The answers are published here!
Thank you for participating !

The Tappahannock Da Vinci Treasure Trail opens early on Saturday morning - all the clues can be found in the official RivahFest Guide book and will be published on this web site on Saturday, June 18. Start your sleuthing adventure around Tappahannock and work out the clues!

Each clue directs you to a number - it could be a phone number, a price, a street number, the number of objects in a display, a building or architectural characteristic. The answer is in the range 1 through 9999 and the number of boxes on the answer sheet will correspond to the size of the number.

Complete the answer sheet in the Guide Book, add up the 13 values in the answer column and enter the amount in the total box, write in your name and phone number, and place the response sheet in the Da Vinci Code answer box at the Welcome Tent at Water Lane and Prince Street located opposite the main stage.

Your answer sheet must be turned in by 5:00 PM. The winners of the $500 Treasure Trail prizes will be announced on stage at 5:30 pm. The contestants with the correct numeric answers, or the closest to the answer, will be placed in a hat and the winner will be drawn in this order: third prize of $50, second prize of $150, and lastly the first prize of $300. In any decision the RivahFest Da Vinci Code committee will be the final judge.

Here are some clues: The Da Vinci Code Trail follows the exact sequence of the historic buildings listed on the Treasure of Tappahannock Historical Walking Tour and these numbered locations are shown inside the back cover of the RivahFest Guide. You will start with Clue 1 at Beale Church and end with Clue 13 at St. John's Church.

The answers will be published here Sunday morning!


Participation is free. No property entry is required in order to answer any questions - all solutions are visible from the street. For all numeric answers you may ignore the decimal place, if an answer appears to be 178.9, enter 1789 on the answer sheet. Each answer on the answer sheet will have a box with the correct number of digits. There is an exact sequence to the puzzle, all answers are independent of each other. Answer all 13 clues, total the results, and turn in your answer sheet to the Welcome Tent at Water Lane and Prince Street (opposite the main stage) by 5:00 pm.

The answers to the contest will be published on this web site after close of contest on Saturday June 18.

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